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Welcome at Grodzki Marketing! I can create website and internet advertisement campaign for you.

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My projects and customer comments:
List of made websites, current addresses
List of positioned web pages, current addresses
Some of my certificates in polish language

My offer

I create websites and internet advertisement campaings for business. 4 years of experience on internet.

I make internet campaigns on Facebook/Twitter/other social media, audits of websites, name of your company, logo, SEO. My websites are responsive and modern – prepared for tablets and telephones. I can make shops, blogs, versatile order. I make only english websites. I can operate on your website. I make big campaigns and small.
I have PayPal account.
audit of website logo, name of company Website SEO website update Facebook and social media campaign
25 USD 100 USD 250 USD 250 USD per year 250 USD per year 375 USD per year

Łukasz Grodzki, Chełm (Lubelskie), Poland – Skype grodzkimarketing, email poczta@grodzkimarketing.pl

Bank account
75 1020 1563 0000 5202 0131 7379, Łukasz Grodzki, Piastowska 3, 22-100 Chełm
In title write your email and type of resource.
1. My website use cookies. They are used to log in.
2. My company data is NIP 5631622966, REGON 060563104
3. I am opened for long term business relations
4. I don’t enjoy contests
5. You should write reference file after our cooperation
6. I use only tested and safe SEO methods
7. I offer my own projects, not created by client
8. I don’t correct websites
9. My websites are created max for 7 days
10. I don’t promise a big success of marketing campaign, but I can say it can help you a lot
11. I work only with adult people
12. You will get report from SEO capaings
13. My website is available 24 hours per day, 5 days a week
14. Your data is safe
Partner program
1. You can recommend my website and get 25% of client order. You need to offer 10% discount with unique code for discount.
So we will know that it is your client.

2. Also you can get money if you got nice ideas – for image, book, game, film.

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